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  • Micki Carwin

     Stop accepting the garbage life throws at you because you think you can’t make it any better! Stop living in default mode! Make the next big decision with confidence! EXPECT good things to come to you in life! Get that raise or promotion because you ARE valuable!

     You can learn to create the life you want for yourself, and I can help! Together we will discover your natural strengths (that you may not have even known you had), and use them to manifest the life you deserve. In a few short weeks, I can teach you how to begin to create the life you want one step at a time.

    My purpose in life is to empower others. I combine my technical skills as a certified Life Coach, with the information and guidance given to us through our natal chart. We become empowered with knowledge of ourselves and clearer understanding of why we struggle with some things in our lives, and how to use other gifts to get past the struggles. That my friends is EMPOWERMENT.

    In addition to being a Certified Life Coach, I have been studying and teaching astrology, how to work with planetary energies, how to manifest the life we desire through the Law Of Attraction, and Tarot readings for over 10 years. During our session we can use as many, or as few of these practices as you are comfortable with.  I have a passion and purpose to be of service to others. When you set an appointment with me, and want to use my talents in Astrology, I ask for your birthdate, location, and time of birth so that I can be prepared and offer you the best service. If you do not want to use that service in your sessions, there are still many other tools I can offer you to make serious changes in your life. During your session, we will find the most effective way to make positive changes in your life to create your own “Heaven on Earth.”