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    Semaglutide Weight Loss

    Weight Issues and mental health-

    Learn more about the combination of Semaglutide and mental health for sustained weight loss

    Weight issues and mental health; this something like asking which came first the chicken or the egg? What came first, my less than awesome mental state of mind, or these extra 40lbs? While it might be hard to answer that question, it might just be safe to say that this issue is cyclical for most people. You can feel down one day, and decide to make yourself feel better with a fun (albeit 600 calorie) treat. Then you feel bad for eating it and your mental state just gets worse. The cycle continues until one day you get on the scale and find out the situation is out of control.

    Daily stress, anxiety, and chronic depression—as well as mental health conditions like bipolar disorder—may cause a person to use food as a way to cope. If you have done this before just know you’re not alone.

    What psychological factors are related to obesity?

    Psychological Factors In Obesity

     avoidance of emotions.

     low self-worth.

     poor body image.

     self-criticism.

     negative core beliefs.

     binge eating.

    People with weight issues are at a much higher risk of depression and anxiety. They are more likely to eat a diet of excess fat and sugar, and this promotes metabolic dysfunction. Not to mention, depression and anxiety related symptoms like sleeplessness and fatigue can make weight loss even more difficult.

    If you have ever tried a traditional diet and exercise plan and not lost weight, or you lost the weight just to gain it back (and more) later, there might be a psychological block that is keeping you from having sustainable weight loss.

    Common Psychological Blocks

     All or nothing thinking

     Past or current trauma

     Negative body Image

     Stress

     Poor self-care routines

     Bonafede mental illness

    Psychologists use the term "cognitive distortion" to refer to persistent exaggerated thoughts that are not in line with what is actually going on in the real world. That can be as simple as seeing the care of others (like our children) as more important than the care of ourselves. That can lead to taking care of others to the point that we don’t see the value in taking care of ourselves (like with a poor diet or lack of exercise).

    It’s not clear what comes first, the inaccurate way of thinking or the psychological blocks to weight loss. What is clear is that BOTH of these variables have to be addressed in order to achieve and sustain real weight loss.

    At Balanced Mind Counseling we have a new collaborative approach to weight loss. While many may find all the help they need by working on their mental well being, others need a boost.

    In 2021 the FDA approved a new drug for weight loss called Wegovy. The results were astounding. Clips on shows like Dr. Oz and Good Morning America had people looking everywhere for the medication causing shortages. Many were disappointed when they discovered the drug was not covered by insurance and cost $1200- $1500 per month. As amazing as the drug was, most could not afford that.

    Recently, a somewhat generic version of the drug became more available making it much easier to get (with prescription) and much cheaper. This copy cat medication uses a GLP-1(glucagon-like peptide) receptor agonist called Semaglutide (the same active ingredient in Wegovy or Ozempic).

    Semaglutide works by helping the pancreas to release the right amount of insulin. It works to move insulin into the blood stream to produce energy. This in turn causes your brain to think you are not hungry, so you simply eat less. It also works to reverse the pathology of that Metabolic Dysfunction we talked about earlier, thereby stopping the cyclical pattern of habitual unnecessary eating. Some studies are even underway to test the efficiency of Semaglutide on smoking cessation and drug addiction.

    Here at Balanced Mind Counseling we understand the need for a weight management/loss program that incorporates the value of both the medically assisted and mental health assisted approach to weight loss, and we have created a plan that brings the two together. We believe this approach to weight loss is a game changer in the weight loss field that will bring obtainable, sustainable weight loss for many people. To learn more about the program Click here.