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    Non-Linear Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback is a type of Bio-feedback that is target to address mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, as well as impulse regulation in conditions like ADD, ADHD and addiction.

    There are many different types of neurofeedback in use today, and each type has it’s own benefits and drawbacks, but as a whole neurofeedback is a non-invasive and side effect free treatment. At Balanced Mind Counseling, we use a non-linear or dynamic method of neurofeedback that is the least invasive method of retraining your brain to think your way into a better you.

    Neurofeedback is simple. You listen to some music that gets periodically interrupted, and the system measures the disruption in your brain, and then offers your brain suggestions on how to better process the disruption next time. That’s it. It’s that simple.

    Because this method is non-invasive and only offers suggestions to your brain (as opposed to digging a new path) the process is slow. In fact neurofeedback can often take 30-40 sessions before you feel a significant difference, however most clients report a sensation of “something better” or “something different” after 10-12 sessions.


    While most of these sessions can be done in the office or at home, the first session at Balanced Mind is always done in the office. Currently the demand for this service in our office frequently outpaces the supply of available sessions, and there is often a wait to receive this service. However, feel free to call our office and ask about availability and current pricing.