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  • Brianne Bennett

    Brianne believes that each of her clients are an expert and the ultimate healer of what troubles them.  Often the inability to identify or communicate their troubles is the real issues that prevents them from feeling better. That is where her specialties can bridge the gap.


    Brianne specialize in working with children, adolescents and adults with: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, behavioral issues, peer relationships, family conflict, trauma and substance use. Her passion is to provide resources,  psycho-education and build interpersonal skills to support through life’s difficulties, and implement the change her clients need in their lives to be successful.  She can implement a variety of evidence-based approaches, techniques and modalities including: Equine therapy, EMDR, play therapy, sand tray, trauma-focused CBT, and experiential therapy techniques; all keeping in mind that I am the guide and you are the master of your destination. 


    Brianne has completed a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University. Her academic background is in child and adolescent development with a focus of psychotherapy, equine therapy modalities and ABA therapeutic interventions.


    Brianne provides a relaxing no judgement zone that organically opens up the lines of communication. She is gifted in creating reports with even the most resistant children and adolescents…and the horses are good at that too 🙂