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  • Johanna Grube

    Welcome. I imagine you’re here because you’re feeling stuck in some way – not able to ‘figure it out,’ ‘rise to the task,’ ‘let it go,’ or ‘make it stop.’

    When we humans are not fully aware of what we are doing – either because we have no language to describe, identify, and track our experience, or because there is pain that causes us to retract awareness – we feel out of control; at the mercy of repetitive patterns of thought, behavior, or circumstance. By focusing and engaging awareness in a curious and experimental way we can begin to see how we are participating in our experience and identify the choices that are available to us. From here, it is possible to begin developing the discernment and internal permission necessary to decide what works for you, and what it’s time to leave behind.

    Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m not here to save or cure you. Your own longing is the compass point showing the way home and the way forward. What I can offer is support, companionship, guidance, and practical tips as you engage the simple and difficult process of dressing wounds and embracing opportunities to reconnect and draw nourishment from your innate and inviolable belonging.

    I hold a master’s degree in mindfulness-based transpersonal clinical mental health counseling from Naropa University, and am licensed to practice professional counseling in Colorado and New York.