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  • Kathy Westerly

    Many of us experience difficult roadblocks throughout life. Learning the tools to cope with these barriers is possible and achievable. Although it may seem daunting, change is always within arm’s reach. Using many forms of Cognitive Behavioral Treatments, Kathy helps her clients examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are perpetuating struggle. Together, they identify new choices and practices that help clients transform the way they show up in life.

    Kathy will work with her client to create a custom plan from tested and proven methods to help her clients create a better life. Kathy allows the client to help set the goals that they think will make the most change in their lives.

    Kathy’s therapeutic approach is a “judgment free zone.” Life is hard, parenting is hard, relationships are hard; Kathy knows that, and just wants to help you make it better.