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  • Natalie Manigault

    Natalie offers compassion, non-judgement, and hope for her clients. She holds a space of honor for her clients’ life journey as they work toward greater wellbeing and fulfillment in their lives.


    Regardless of what someone is struggling with, everyone should have the opportunity to examine their experience, understand how they have learned to survive, and be supported in building an authentic and fulfilling life grounded in a deeper relationship to themselves and others.  With the right support, anyone can go from surviving to thriving.

    Natalie has over a decade of experience working with people, hearing about their lives and struggles, and helping them to grow in self-compassion and self-awareness. Through this she has helped them to learn new skills and supported them in creating meaningful change. 

    With a client-centered, strengths-based orientation, Natalie takes a collaborative and empowering approach to therapy with you as the expert of your life. She is passionate about understanding her clients’ natural strengths to help them to overcome challenges.  Through this, clients bring out their natural creativity and better align their lives with what’s in their hearts. 

    In sessions with Natalie, you will experience

    Compassion where your personal journey is honored,

    Respect and honor for your culture, heritage, and beliefs, 

    Support for processing the present and making sense of the past,

    Acknowledgment and validation of your innate strengths,

    Support for developing new skills, building confidence, and exploring new possibilities for the future, and 

    A space of hope and encouragement so that you can know that change is possible.