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  • Nina Campbell

    Nina is a Licensed professional counselor candidate with a masters in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. Nina therapeutically seeks to create a safe place for clients to explore and process their emotions. She uses a person-centered and strengths based approach to best serve her clients using techniques like Sand Tray when appropriate. She views Sand Tray and Play Therapy as a way to step into a child’s point of view and help clients also explore their point of view. Nina feels honored to build relationships and share time with clients in their vulnerable moments. Nina is flexible to meet clients where they are at, allow them to drive the therapy car to where we’re going next to help collaborate with clients on how to best meet their goals for therapy. 

    Nina’s experience includes:

    Depression/Mood disorders and Anxiety

    Adjustment disorders


    Trauma and related conditions

    Self-esteem and self exploration

    Relationship distress and exploration

    Difficult life transitions

    Sand Tray Therapy

    Play Therapy