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  • Shane Cunningham

    Shane Cunningham, M.A., LPCC

    In life a challenging lesson to learn can be how to achieve and sustain balance within the day to day. Frequently, self-care is set aside, yet it is an essential component to finding this balance. With the practice of self-care, meditation, grounding techniques and mindfulness, harmony can be attained. 

    Shane provides support for those seeking help for the following:

    -Adolescent Counseling

    -Anger Management 


    -Depression and mood related disorders

    -Grief and Loss

    -Life Adjustments

    -Obsessive-compulsive disorder

    -Substance Use 

    -Trauma and PTSD

    -And more

    Shane is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate who has earned his master’s degree at Tennessee Technological University and is pleased to be able to share his proficiency with the Rocky Mountain Area. Shane has had previous experience working within an inpatient/outpatient population within a treatment center for mental health and substance use.